Vegetarian Menu

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Vegetarian Menu

Appetizer And Soup
89 Golden Triangle (Fried Tofu) $6.95
Deep fried bean curd served with sweet and sour and ground peanut sauce.
90 V. Spring Roll $6.95
Crispy rolls stuffed with cabbage, carrot, clear noodle served with plum sauce.
91 V. Tofu Soup $5.95   Sm $11.95 Lg
Clear noodle soup with mixed vegetable and tofu.
92 V. Tom Yum "Spicy"


$5.95   Sm


$11.95 Lg

Famous Thai spicy and sour soup with mixed vegetable, mushroom and tofu.
93 V. Tom Kha "Spicy"


$5.95   Sm


$11.95 Lg

The most aromatic herb soup with mixed vegetable, coconut milk, mushroom and tofu.





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Very good! We have to travel over an hour to go to Tai Tai but it is worth it. Too bad they aren\'t open on Sundays or we would go there today.

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